The advantages of a private jet

Time saved, no more waiting in the airport, flexible hours… the advantages

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of traveling by private jet are many. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, discover all of the advantages traveling by private jet has to offer.

  • Make your own schedules without having to worry about missing your flight – your plane won’t leave with you.
  • Avoid subjecting yourself to long lines, flight delays, and strikes at the airport – arrive 10 minutes in advance of your flight and board immediately.
  • Gain access to a network of airports not serviced by the airlines and land as close as possible to your meeting place.
  • Save yourself the time spent on layovers and fly directly to your destination.
  • Enjoy total privacy and confidentiality in your jet.
  • The airplane is completely at your disposal.
  • Take off and land at your own personal terminal.
  • All flights are anonymous.
  • Save yourself from the usual stresses of air travel (lost luggage, delays, strikes, long lines, etc.) and travel with perfect peace of mind.
  • The airplane is entirely at your disposal- fly wherever you want to with whomever you want.
  • Relax in the comfort of VIP lounges.
  • First-class dining and an array of made-to-order services are yours to request.
  • Enjoy the confidentiality of your own desk to manage your affairs onboard the airplane.
  • Stay connected to the outside world thanks to onboard telecommunication equipment.
  • Save time and manage your affairs at your own convenience.
  • Do away with the fatigue of conventional air travel and remain fully productive.
  • No longer have reason to fear missing your flight- the airplane is at your disposal and takes off according to your schedule.
  • Plan your time according to your own convenience, not that of the airline’s.
  • No more lost or damaged luggage.
  • Pay only a single fair for the service- no supplementary taxes or fees will be charged.