MK Jet Card

When time becomes a luxury, having control is essential. You travel often and want to be in control of your travel budget? MK Partnair offers the “MK Jet Card” that allows you to receive a credit of hours flown prepaid. Optimize your travel costs by taking advantage of the benefits of a private jet. MK Partnair card offers 25, 50 or 100 hours that you can use your convenience or distribute to your employees. Valid for an unlimited period around the world, you are guaranteed to have a plane available at the best price, whatever your need. arrow-right-red The advantages:

  • A clear vision of your travel budget
  • The ability to be reimbursed the remaining hours at any time
  • Pricing more attractive than usual prices
  • A fixed hourly rate that does not vary depending on the application and location
  • The guarantee of a private jet available and tailored to your needs
  • The only card that contributes to environmental protection at no extra cost.

To learn more about “MK Jet Card” do not hesitate to contact us, an adviser MK Partnair will help you determine the best solution.