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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about private jet charter.

How can I reserve a private jet ?

All you need to do is call us at +33 184 240 394, or use the online booking form. Our team is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to propose the best deals.

Once you have accepted our services and signed a contract, it will take us less than two hours to organize your trip by private jet. A member of our team will be assigned to personally coordinate your trip in its entirety.

Are there benefits to reserving a private jet well in advance of the flight date?

Unlike airline ticket fares, private jet fares do not vary according to the number of passengers on the plane. Therefore, chartering an airplane at the last minute is not necessarily more expensive.

However, the more in advance you place your reservation, the better our perspective will be on the availability of our jets, and it becomes easier for us to propose to you the best solution at the most competitive rate. In principle, however, two hours should suffice for us to organize your flight.

Is the crew accounted for when I rent a private jet ?

All our flights are overseen by at least two experienced and highly qualified pilots. As part of our security policy, we’ve entered a partnership with Wyvern, an aviation safety-auditing agency, which requires a minimum of 4000 hours of flying experience for each pilot. Depending on the size of the plane (see our fleet) a stewardess may also be assigned to ensure you have relaxing trip.

If you so desire, we can arrange for you to meet with the pilots before the flight so you can better get to know them.

What services are included in the ticket? Are fares all-fees-included?

With MK Partnair, the are no unpleasant surprises. All of the fees are listed in the contract. The price paid before the delivery of service is completely transparent – the details of the fare are listed in the contract – and include all of the signed-for services. No additional charges or fees will be billed to you after your trip.

Are the chartered aircraft safe ?

The aircraft we offer are regularly inspected and audited according to current aviation safety regulations.
Furthermore, our airplanes conform to the standards set by Wyvern, a specialized aviation safety auditing agency, whose safety standards go above and beyond the requirements of government regulations. We can provide you with all of the documentation attesting to the reliability of our airplanes if you desire. With MK Partnair, your safety is our priority.

Once my reservation is complete, how do I get to my private jet ?

Chartering a private jet also has the benefit of simplifying boarding procedures and permitting you to avoid all the typical inconveniences of airports. Present yourself at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) of the airport 10 minutes before departure, where your will have your own personal boarding service. Then sit back and relax as your plane takes off without further hassle.

All of these directions will be explained in detail following your reservation, and a representative of MK Partnair can be sent to receive you if you so desire.

What happens if I am late for my departure ?

Last minute delays ? The airplane won’t leave without you and there is no need to fear cancellation. Contact us by telephone and we’ll inform the pilot immediately so that he is ready to take off as soon as you arrive.

On your return trip, you will have the contact information of your flight crew available so that you may inform them directly of any delays.

Can I travel to Cairo tomorrow at 9 AM and return the same evening to Paris ?

Yes! The point of flying by private jet is to have transportation adapted to your schedule and your needs. Therefore, a Paris-to-Cairo roundtrip flight in one day is entirely feasible, and you will find on board all the accommodations necessary for your comfort.

We can even arrange for transportation from the plane to your residence if you so desire.

Can I really land in any airport I wish to at the any time I request?

Chartering a private jet means having access to more than 4000 airports in the world, the majority of which are not serviced by commercial airlines. However, certain airports do abide by regulations which prohibit landing after midnight or keeping an airplane parked for more than a certain number of days.

Even so, it is often possible to obtain a dispensation so that you may land as close as possible to your destination.

Can I take pets with me on board?

The airplane will be entirely at your disposal, so you may of course bring your pet with you without fear of additional fees. For certain animals, it is advised to use a cage while traveling.

My meeting in Marseilles is taking place in Cannes instead, one week later than originally planned…

Traveling by private jet means having the freedom to make your own flight plans. The airplane is yours, and you may therefore choose your destination, your layovers, and, of course, your schedule.

However, in the case of changes following the signing of the contract, you must notify us sufficiently in advance so that we may have enough time to adjust your flight.

How can I get to my meeting once I have landed?

Beyond chartering private jets, MK Partnair offers comprehensive travel planning for your trips. From arranging for a chauffeured car to reserving your hotel, we are ready to take care of it all.

We can pick you up at your residence and drive you to the airport as well put at your disposal a car which will await you at your destination.

Don’t hesitate to let us know of your needs or make special requests- we’ll make sure that they are met to your satisfaction.

Is there a limit to the number of passengers or the weight of my luggage?

There are no restrictions on the number of passages or the weight of your luggage. These are limited only by the characteristics of the chartered airplane. Basically, all airplanes have a predefined passenger and cargo capacity which must not be exceeded. See our fleet.