Why choose MK Partnair

MK Partnair votre partenaire location jet privé avion privé

What makes us different? Discover the top 8 reasons to choose MK Partnair

The client is our chief concern

  • Your own personal agent who knows you and can anticipate your needs.
  • Membership card which grants exclusive benefits with our partner organizations.
  • MK Partnair will soon allow you to reserve private jets with your Flying Blue miles.

A business dedicated to your service

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we can guarantee you swift and specific answers to your questions.
  • A team that listens to your needs so we can understand your goals and propose the solutions best adapted to achieving them.
  • Your own personal agent will be assigned to you for the entirety of your planning.

A travel solution at the best price

  • An innovative computer database that gives us access to the largest network of aircraft ever assembled.
  • The guarantee of having the airplane best suited to your needs at the lowest price.

Travel in complete safety

  • All of the aircraft chartered by MK Partnair meet government safety standards and have been inspected by responsible authorities.
  • In collaboration with Wyvern, an aviation safety auditing agency, MK Partnair requires that its aircraft operators meet quality and safety standards well above those required by government safety regulations.
  • Liability insurance covers our clients for up to 5,000,000€ in addition to aviation company insurance coverage for up to 100,000,000€.

A Complete Service

  • MK Partnair takes care of the entirety of your travel plans, from procuring a chauffeured car to reserving your hotel. Stay focused on the essentials while we free you from organizational constraints.
  • Consolidate your travel expenses into a single bill.
  • Arrange all of your travel plans through a single agency.

A Socially Responsible Business

  • MK Partnair ensures its flights are carbon- neutral by compensating for the aircraft’s CO2 emissions.
  • We are engaged in financing environmental projects (green travel).
  • We work towards the reduction of CO2 emissions by chartering latest-generation jets that pollute less.

A Dependable Business

  • MK Partnair is recognized by institutions such as the Airport of Paris, the General Council of Val d’Oise, the department of the Seine Saint Denis, and the department of the Seine & Marne, as well as the Committee for the Economic Expansion of Val d’Oise.


  • Take advantage of our flash sales which allow you to save up to 70% off the price of a regular flight.
  • MK Partnair had a system “Jet Alert” that sends out alerts as soon as there is an empty flight available to one of your regular destinations.