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At MK Partnair, we make no compromises on the safety of our clients.

We hold security to be our chief concerns and guarantee our clients the highest safety standards possible in the commercial aviation community.

This can be seen first of all in our adherence to the strictest of aviation safety regulations, the same standards which govern the conduct of the best commercial aviation companies.

But to ensure an even higher level of safety for our clients, MK Partnair has decided to adhere to standards stricter than those required by aviation regulations.

Our close partnership with Wyvern, the leader in private aviation company safety auditing, allows us to comply with safety standards above and beyond those required by law. With MK Partnair, you can reserve your private jet with perfect peace of mind.

arrow-right-red Government regulations to which our partners are held:

  • Our operators are required to have an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and an unexpired commercial license.
  • All of our flights must be crewed by two qualified pilots.
  • All of our aircraft are necessarily equipped with a minimum of two engines.

arrow-right-red Additional Safety Standards Required by Wyvern

All of our operating partners are certified based on a very stringent audit by Wyvern. These audits are even stricter than government regulations governing major commercial aviation companies. Therefore, we work only with operators that adhere to the highest standards of safety.

  • Analysis of pilot qualifications and number of flying hours (4000 hours minimum).
  • Audit of aircraft maintenance and number of hours flown.
  • Audit of administrative and financial management of the companies.

Additionally, to ensure the excellence of our services, customer satisfaction is also taken into account in our selection of operating partners.

When it comes to aviation safety, achieving excellence- rather than just talking about it- can only be accomplished by being as demanding as possible.