Our Values

garantis MK Partnair location avion privé et affrètement avion

More than just words, our values are fundamental to our two goals: the satisfaction of our clients and excellence in our choice of partners. These sound principles guide our every action and business practice.

Speed: We mobilize every available resource in the timeframe necessary to meet your needs. We respond promptly to all requests or inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Transparency: We make sure to provide clear and precise information to our clients. All of our clients are given a comprehensive explanation of the rights and services they are due.

Availability: We are always available to listen to the needs of our clients so that we can offer them the solution best suited to their needs. The confidence of our clients is essential to us, and we’re ready to help them work through every step of their planning.

Integrity: Because we wish to maintain lasting relationships with our clients, honesty and integrity are essential. We always follow through on our promises and do not propose services to our clients without being sure that they meet our quality standards.

Innovation: With the objective of offering the best service to our clients and anticipating their needs, innovation is at the heart of our strategy. We continue to follow new trends in both the aviation market and the needs of our clients, so that together we can arrive at ways to meet tomorrow’s challenges today.